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Points To Bear In Mind While Picking A Shower Screen

Shower bathroom

Nothing beats a warm shower in a chilly cold weather. Similarly, a cool shower in the hot summers also makes one feel relaxed and comfortable. Nowadays, almost all households have showers in their bathrooms or near their swimming pools. So, when you build a new home or decide to renovate your home and bathroom, one of the most important decisions would be the shower. But while picking a shower, the choice of shower screen is also equally important. The shower screen ensures that the wet area itself gets wet and the dry area remains dry. It ensures that all other areas don’t get splashed up with water and soap bubbles. The site provides best quality shower screens that make your bathrooms look elegant and stylish. You could also check out for great ideas and tips to make your bathrooms look out of the world.

Here are some points that will help you while choosing shower screens:
Take A Tape And Measure!
Yes! That is exactly what you should do first. You should have a clear idea about the space available for the shower area before buying a shower screen. For that, first, measure the dimensions of the insides of the bathroom. Then measure the height of the bathroom. Draw it down on paper to make things easier. Then, start planning and deciding the position of toilet, sink, and shower. Always mark the position and height of windows or ventilators if any. The position of electric points also has to be marked. These positions can determine the placement of shower screens and other items. Also, in case you like shower door which is placed on a hinge and opens to outside direction, then you will have to consider the space available for the outside opening.

Wide Range Of Options! Pick Your Choice!
So, now you have all the measurement details with you and have picked the right spot to place the shower screen. The next step is to get the shower screen. There is a wide range of options available in the market. You just have to pick one that suits your tastes. Here are some of the options available for you:
No doors, just walk in leisurely into this shower space fitted with just one or maybe two shower screens- Walk-in shower!
No curtains, just a panel of glass at the edge of the bath area. This one is the perfect choice for those who are particular about hygiene and neatness- Bath shower screens!
The classic and most popular one. A cubicle with just one hinged door. The door may be sliding one or bi-folding one- Classic shower cubicle!
This pretty cubicle occupies the bathroom corner and does not take up too much space. It’s shower screen is curved, and this makes it look more elegant- Quadrant shower cubicle!
The shower is made even more imposing and eye-catching with etched art works, patterns and also beautiful designs- Etched enclosure.
Three solid walls around the shower. It also has a door to enter in and out of the shower area. Mostly used in hostels, dormitories, etc.- Recess cubicles

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